Car Troubles

12,825 Days Alive

1 Car Being Puckish

So I got the car serviced today and now… well, the check engine light is still on.

It’s going to be on until I get the car replaced. I’m hoping to pay less than $6,000 for a car so I can finance it through my credit union or something.

I’ve got to start saving to get a down payment or something like that.

Today was otherwise awesome. I got to see brother Bob and sister in law Rayne and my nephew Wolfy. We hung out, went to see Bob’s mom’s new antique shop. It was lovely to see them all. I need to make more time with them when I’m able.

I need to go to bed. Tonight is a weighted blanket kind of night, I think.

I’m headed to bed. Take your meds, folks.

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