Samhain 2020

12,909 Days Alive

365 Days Left till Next Halloween!

1 Mostly on Purpose Nap Taken

It’s less than two hours away from the start of NaNoWriMo and despite a nap earlier today, I may just go to bed and get up early tomorrow to write.

Happy Samhain to any of my pagan followers! I spent the day with my best friend J and her mom Mel down in Ybor-masked up of course. It’s J’s birthday today and we went out to lunch to a place I’ve never been: the Columbia. Food was okay, flan was amazing.

Image is of myself wearing red lipstick and dark eye makeup in a red dress with black earrings on.

It was fun, if warm. And people liked out costumes.

Image is of J in all black dress and myself in a red dress. We are both wearing masks. The wallpaper behind us is dark red on red damask.

Tomorrow I get to see Reffie! I took a decontamination shower today and will be wearing a different mask to make sure she stays safe as well.

I don’t think I’m going to stay up to write till 1am. I’m going to head to bed.

Happy Halloween, my spooky darlings.

And take your meds, folks.

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