Of Tires and Tea

12,992 Days Alive

1 Flat Tire

So today was an adventure. Hung out with Meg and J today for some belated holiday gift exchange. It was nice.

We had a little lunch together and hit up the old tea house Kaleisia’s. I got the apple cinnamon coffee cake milk tea with boba. It was good, but I didn’t end up finishing it today.

After tea, we went back to mine to fiddle with tarot cards. It was fun.

We were headed back to J and Bill6’s place and a dog ran into the road. I swerved and missed it. But then I was super paranoid and thought I saw another dog or something. I went off the road for a second, flattened my tire.

I had roadside assistance and a spare tire so we were back on the road in less than forty five minutes. It’s still stressful because I now have to go and get a new tire tomorrow which is inconvenient and expensive.

Well, tomorrow is a new day. I’m off to watch Doctor Sleep with J and Bill6.

Take your meds, folks.

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