Of Games and Gomez

14,056 Days Alive

I used to joke, when I was a little baby goth in high school, that I was a Morticia looking for her Gomez. While I don’t know if I’ve found them, I did have an awesome date with someone that I’ll call Gomez for now.

Because I had off due to the holiday, I had J and Bill6 both down for a game day. I’m supposed to have a date with Gomez tomorrow, but it may be called on account of Tropical Storm Elsa. Who knows? I invited them, being Gomez, over today to join us in game playing. We ordered pizza, onions, black olives, and diced tomatoes for us, and played Clank, Go Nuts for Donuts, and a bird game Incant remember the name of.

I have Gomez a tarot reading with the Osho Zen deck. As per usual, it had all the subtlety of a velvet-rapped brick.

Gomez was sweet and had that “I kind of want a kiss but am afraid to ask for it” face when I walked him to his car. So I asked for a kiss. They say I’m a good kisser, so that’s an ego boost. Ha! MJ said that I was an “okay smooch”, whatever the fuck that means. He also kissed my knuckles which I found charming. And they’re on board with my being ace as well as sound like they fall into the Demi-Grey area! So that’s a good thing.

Mentally, I’m okay. A little storm-stressed but otherwise okay. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to work tomorrow, because the firm is work-from-home because of the storm. Maybe I can go in anyways? I don’t know. I’m so frazzled by everything with this damn storm.

I need to go to bed. I have to be up at half past five a.m. to take Fen to the airport for their week-long trip to California. I said I would help if they needed it and their previous ride fell through because of illness.

So. Take your meds, folks!

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