Of Shadows and Spicy Chicken

13,253 Days Alive

I was up way too early this morning. For a good reason, at least, but still up early. I met my old friend from high school, Megan, for breakfast at a favorite restaurant of mine called “Brunchies”.

I really like spending time with her. Even though we’re in fairly close proximity, about forty minutes from each other, we rarely get time between our work schedules to see each other. It was nice to catch up.

After breakfast we went to Barnes and Noble. I found a few more books that I’d like to read, but none came home with me.

I went to the store but couldn’t find any pie pumpkins. I wanted to make some oven roasted pumpkin mash, but wasn’t able to find any fresh pumpkin. I could have used canned, but it wouldn’t have tasted the same.

I picked up my meds. I’m thinking of changing mental health providers when it comes to my meds doctor. Peter is so expensive and he doesn’t really ever remember why I’m on Lyrica. Hint: it’s because I have fibromyalgia. So I’m going to find someone in-network to get my meds from.

Speaking of meds, mentally, I’m feeling like I’m halfway up a manic state but keep rolling back down the hill like Sisyphus’ rock. I guess that means the meds are doing their job? I dunno. It’s a bit exhausting.

But the brain gremlins are fairly quiet as of late. Mostly just trying to convince me that I’m a useless burden to anyone who says they care about me. I try really hard not to listen. I know I’m loved. That people want to see me, see me happy and succeed and all that. But, sometimes, it’s hard. I’ve just gotta keep going.

I hope I get a chance to see or video chat with Cleo this week. She’s so damn nifty. And I bought her a tiny gift! I also bought myself the Harry Belafonte CDs of Carnegie Hall and Return to Carnegie Hall. I’m going to put them into my car for the trip down to grandma’s on Friday with Cousin Kay.

I ended up crashing in the living room while crocheting for an accidental afternoon nap. I needed it as I’ve not gotten much sleep the last few nights. I’m still working on Grandma’s Strawberry Lemonade She’ll Blanket. But then! Movie night.

I had a cross-state-lines movie date with Linna tonight. We watched What We Do in the Shadows. It was cute and funny. Much better than the American television show, I thought.

Anyway, I’m still tired and it’s getting late. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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