Of Mold and Minds

13,255 Days Alive

I tried to have a sandwich for dinner today. It didn’t work out. The damned unopened lunch meat had fuzzy green and black mold on it. Which is both gross and disappointing.

I rather angrily had a bowl of cereal for dinner instead. Mini wheats aren’t bad, but I wanted roast beef, darn it.

I watched another episode of Good Bones with my meal. I love home rehab shows and it’s one of my favorites.

I’ve got to figure out how to get my goddamned sugars under control. It was still in the 300s after dinner. Unfortunately, I can’t just do what I did last time, because that was just anorexia masquerading as a ketogenic diet. I’ll find a happy medium, but I’m frustrated right now.

And in pain. My lower-lower back hurting. And I’ve got a headache. To the point where downward dog just made me want to vomit. Maybe I’m about to be run over by my menstrual cycle? I dunno. I want sugar free chocolate pudding and a roast beef sandwich. Neither of which I have. So. Happy thoughts and water are what I have right now.

I missed the delivery of my new phone by about fifteen minutes today. I’m so annoyed. I get why they can’t just ding-song-ditch the damn thing, as it’s a new phone; but having a bit better policy about being able to pick it up would be nice. Maybe tomorrow.

Boss lady will be out of the office tomorrow. I’m going in by half past seven to pick up some overtime and try to get a leg up on being behind.

Mentally, I’m pissed I have a headache. And annoyed as a general state of being. I’m just grumpy and I want a snack. Or crushed ice chips. I’m tired.

I’m going to appease the Duolingo owl and go to bed. Take your meds, folks.

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