Of Planes and Profanity

13,303 Days Alive

998.327 Miles, Approximately, Flown Today

8 Months Till the Move

1 Rude Comment Deleted

I’m pleasantly tired from today’s travel adventure from Midway Airport to Tampa International Airport.

I actually accidentally swore in front of children today, when I dropped my computer bag on my foot. My foot, and my computer, is fine. But I did say “motherfucker” in front of two small children. Their father hastened to assure me it was fine and that both he and they have said worse.

Other than the gravity-testing upon disembarking the plane, all was well. No escaped dogs, some screaming babies that headphones drowned out, and no turbulence during the flight.

Spock was super happy to have me home. He’s running around the apartment now, but he was just demanding affection while we were watching Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. It was super cute.

I feel… sad. Knowing I’m going to be leaving Florida some time next summer, hopefully before Lammas, I’m going to be leaving behind many friends. I mean, I’m still going to see Reffie. We have plans to go on a trip next summer/fall. And J said she’d help me make the transition if i need it. I’ve got brothers there that will help me if I ask. Cousins, too. It’s just a matter of making everything a reality. But I’ll be leaving behind 12+ years of friends. Hopefully technology, video chats, and visits will be a thing.

I’m going to work tomorrow and going to try and catch up during this short, for me, week.

Now, I’m off to appease the Duolingo owl and then pass out.

Take your meds, folks.

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