Of Air-Frying and Aspirations

13,311 Days Alive

41 Holiday Cards to Finish

19 Holiday Cards Made

1 Fried, Scrambled, and Aching Brain

I wanted to star/finish the other forty-two cards tonight. They’re all I need to make this holiday season, down from over a hundred.

I used the Cricut machine this evening to punch out the main components to maybe twenty cards. Little houses with snow atop them. They’re super cute.

I just need to get them done and in the mail already. Or handed out at the office, situation depending.

Oh! And I got to use the Instant Pot/Air Fryer the Papas sent me tonight to make dinner for Fen and I! We air fried potatoes. Per what Cleo told me, I cleaned everything throughly as soon as it cooled down enough to touch, so the oil doesn’t coagulate or burn on the Instant Pot. Now I need to scour the internet for good recipes! I don’t know if I’ll post them here as not everyone has access to an Instant Pot, it we’ll see.

I’m hurting. And anxious. I don’t know why.

Let’s take stock. P.H.A.L.T. The little acronym my therapist taught me:

Pain: More than usual. My lower back is screaming, as is my head. Time for a heating pad and child’s pose for a few…

Hungry/Hydrated: I ate dinner and breakfast and lunch today. And I managed a snack. I’m hydrated. So that’s not it.

Angry: frustrated maybe, but not angry.

Lonely: … maybe? I need a crush my soul back into my bod hug.

Tired: Absolutely.

Ugh. That didn’t help at all. I’m going to do some yoga before bed, see if stretching or hip-rolling or something will help my back.

Take your meds, folks.

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