Of Resting and Revelations

13,316 Days Alive

2 Tarot Card Readings

1 Sore Me

My upper thighs, lower back, and arms hate me today. Despite Gatorade, good sleep, water, and food yesterday.

Helping Mal and Bubbles move was super intense. They had a massive truck and still had to make two trips to get all their belongings to their lovely new home.

My stomach is sour tonight, still. It has been like a week of this gassy, cramping, sour stomach hell. I hate it. I finally caved and asked Fen to grab me some Pepto Bismol this evening. I’m not sure yet if it has helped or not, as I’m still cramping pretty badly.

Both J and I were too tired to game this morning. So after falling back asleep, I woke back up at 11 a.m. so at least I got good rest.

I made it home safely, form J and Bill6’s place.

Once home, Spock was very intent on getting snuggles from me, which was super sweet.

J and I ended up messaging and giving one another tarot readings for the coming month. Mine was very much about buckling down and working on myself while theirs was more about finding balance in the mental health madness.

I’m running out of words tonight. My brain is as tired as the rest of me. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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