Of Mimosas and Merriment

13,327 Days Alive

1 Mimosa Consumed

Today was the office party at work.

I’m absolutely exhausted but in a merry mood. I gussied up for it and everyone loved my dress. So that was great.

Image is of a goofily smiling, red lipstick wearing Theo in a dress with a white crossed top and black skirt.

I won a raffle prize and had a mimosa on the way to the party.

My boss got me an awesome holiday gift, and a few others got me little things as well. I crocheted on the way there and on the way back.

Anyway, I had a blast at the party and am having a late meal with DW, who got me an amazing Christmas gift, and Fen.

I’m headed to bed shortly. Take your meds, folks.

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