Of Soup and Some Patience

13,427 Days Alive

$200 Between Me and my Author Website/Newsletter

1 Bowl of Matzo Ball Soup Eaten

I am mad broke. Like, can’t afford my insulin again broke. Because, ya know, $70 is hard to find when I’ve been missing work due to illness and such.

But I got to hang out with Cleo today! On their side of the bridge this time, despite impending precipitation. We did some writing, a lot of talking, and we made soup!

Matzo ball soup to be exact! With onion, celery, and carrot. It was super good, though I ended up adding a smidgen of hot chili oil to mine because I like mine with a little bite!

Cleo and I talked about me getting a writing following up, by a website, newsletter, and such. I think that’ll end up being a May or June goal to meet, because I really need to save for the move and haven’t been able to.

It’s not like five grand is going to magically fall into my lap.

Anyway, other than a mild case of sore butt from sitting on a tile floor for hours, I’m perfectly fine. In a good spot mentally, got Reffie to look forward to tomorrow, and had a good day.

Take your meds, folks.

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