Of Chills and Chicken

13,600 Days Alive

3 Awesome Hats Tried On

1 New Skill Learned at Work

It was chilly today! I need to find my cool weather wardrobe fast! Fall doesn’t play up here.

It was only like a low of 54 degrees Fahrenheit today, but my blood has thinned with fifteen years between me and a true cold season. I’m going to dig out my hoodie tomorrow, see where it is because the high is only 64 and I damn near froze waiting for the bus!

I helped and rang up my first customers today. It was really fun. I get to learn rentals tomorrow from a coworker named Greta.

Also, there’s like twenty people plus on staff at our location. Kinda bananas to try and keep all the names straight. There’s Phy, Shay, Ariel, Max, Courtland, Charlie, Stephen, Eric, David, Mike, Mary, Greta, Neola, Nik, Marina, Alex, and I’m sure a few others I’ve forgotten. So. Many. Names.

I’m still having fun, too.

I’ve got a tentative plan for NaNoWriMo now, in a queer novel called Happy Holidays. I went through and found some of the most interesting, ridiculous, and story-friendly holidays there are in existence. Like grilled cheese day and make up your own holiday day. But there’s also going to be other holidays, secular ones, as the relationship between characters develops.

I’m looking forward to the challenge this story may bring.

Anyway, I’m for bed. It’s chilly and delightful out.

Take your meds, folks.

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