Prompt Answer: Community Improvement

How would you improve your community?

Hooo boy do I have opinions on this. I don’t take this as online community, but rather the material world around me.

Here we go, the cliff notes version:

  • Run for political office to better my community by enacting legislations that help rather than hinder
  • Make widespread community gardens a thing again, victory garden style if we have to
  • Abolish HOAs entirely
  • Allow felons the right to vote (didn’t we have a whole goddamned war about taxation without representation??)
  • Make homeless shelters more accessible to those that need them
  • Plant edible parks
  • Protect members of the alphabet crew (LGBTQIA+ peeps)
  • Enhance local libraries
  • Get local law enforcement proper training for dealing with de-escalation and providing non-lethal responses
  • Open more food pantries

So. There we go. That’s a starting point.

My opinion.

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