Of Nachos and Not Enough Sleep

13,795 Days Alive

600 mg Ibuprofen Taken

4.5 Hours of Sleep

2 Rows Crocheted on Junior’s Blanket

1 Birthday Celebrated

Today is a solid seven on the pain scale and an eight on the discomfort. It’s like my body just decided to throw a bitch fit.

Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday! Happy birthday, Bubbles! May this year be kind to you.

My back is hurting so badly. I worked for nine hours straight and only got one break. Ugh. My legs hurt. So I’m going to eat a banana to help with the muscle pains. And hydrate.

I was almost in tears at work today out of frustration and being short-staffed. I literally had to step off the floor to keep from crying.

I am so looking forward to my new job.

I’ve been awake for almost 19 hours now. I should go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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