Of Marshmallows and Meijer

13,794 Days Alive

2 Grocery Stores Stopped At

1/2 Bag of Broccoli Made

So, I basically made Easter dinner this evening. We went shopping for cheese It’s and broccoli and then came out with over a hundred bucks worth of food.

We bought so much different kinds of ramen. It was a little ridiculous. But we got some broccoli for dinner tonight.

I made Parmesan and garlic air fried broccoli as a side for dinner tonight. I also made candied yams and heated up a pre-sliced ham. Basically Easter dinner on a Tuesday.

I’m not doing too great mentally. I slept till noon since I closed tonight. I was just so tired.

Speaking of sleep, I need to get there because I open tomorrow, so up by five, out by 5:50.

Take your meds, folks.

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