Of Achievement and (Possible) Arrhythmia

13,320 Days Alive

835 Days Straight on Duolingo

8.6 A1C

1 Possible Cardiac Issue

Trigger warning: discussion of sexual assault survival.

So. I went to the doctor today. Good news: I lost three pounds, my A1C is down to 8.6 from eleven point something. Bad news: I may have to do without caffeine and other stimulants like my Adderall due the possibility of an arrhythmia.

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Sleep, Shopping, and Some Spirits!

12,215 Days Alive

6,754 Books To Read

14 Days Until I Meet Baby Bubble

4 Books I Need to Remember to Review

3 Frog and Restart Sessions

1 Entire Digorno Pizza Consumed

I officially said my final fair well to carbohydrate consumption in great amounts today. I start the ketogenic diet fully in the morning. Why?

Because I know I can do it. I want to do it. And for fuck’s sake, I am tired of being fat.

***Trigger warning for content: I am going to discuss my being a rape survivor in this entry.***

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