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I got to sleep in a bit today before going to see Chelé. The day was restful and amazing. We both broke quarantine today, though I drove up to see her at her place.

Chelé made these amazing cookies that I ate far too many of, but I regret nothing. They were banana chocolate chip cookies. I can’t wait to try my hand at the recipe. I’ll post it when I make it.

Chelé also gifted me with samples of almost forty different washi tapes. And Peeps! She’s been keeping them safe for me since Ostara. Damn COVID messing up our already infrequent meetings. She also made me some masks that I can rock when the other ones are in the wash.

After our lovely visit, I drove through a small patch of blinding rain. Also, I picked up my meds from Publix and placed the order for my birthday cake! Obviously, I am far more excited about the cake than the meds. I didn’t quite get what I wanted, which was an amaretto cupcake and a gingerbread man from Moreno’s Bakery in Brandon. But there will, hopefully, be many more birthdays that I can celebrate with sweets from Moreno’s. Or flan. I do love flan.

Since I’m having the Tiny Gathering on the 27th, maybe I’ll find something to do on the 28th for myself? I’m already receiving gifts from DW and others from my Amazon Wishlist which is absolutely amazing. I did the first prompt in the C-PTSD workbook today and I feel… good about it? I mean, I know I’m going to have to dig into some pretty dark shit, or I’d post the entries on here. But I don’t necessarily want to share the roots of my struggles with the Internet. No offense meant, folks.

I miss writing to people regularly. I should do that more often. I miss having pen pals.

I need to schedule my next therapy appointment. Vickie has a lot to hear about as of late. I keep trying to bridge certain gaps in my life, but I’m really struggling with some things.

Anyway. It’s been a long day. I’m headed to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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