Headache on a Monday

12,237 Days Alive

I feel… terrible. My head has been hurting all day. I’m out of ibuprofen. The deodorant I just got isn’t working and hurts. I’m… not okay. And that’s okay. I have a follow up appointment with the psych doctor on Wednesday. I can make it till then, I think.

Empty Cup

12,218 Days Alive

105 Days Since Daddy’s Death

1 Psych Appointment

I went to the psychologist today; got a new prescription for Abilify that couldn’t be filled until tomorrow.

I feel like…an avocado someone scooped out to make guacamole with. Wrung out. Exhausted.

I reached out to a few people today. Most with success. But now I need to try to sleep because I am bone deep levels of tired.

Take your meds, folks.

Dream, Down, Delightful Downpours, and Dear Friends

12,303 Days Alive

6,619 Books to Read

14 Days Till My Psych Appointment

13 Weeks Since Daddy Died

12 Books Read So Far This Year

6 Days Since I’ve Touched a Book

1 Gifted Pizza

I need to get back into the swing of reading. I’m kind of completely lacking as of late. Just haven’t… even in the midst of mania can’t be bothered.

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