Of Groceries and Gross

13,813 Days Alive

7 Days of Pills Prepped

2 Grocery Stores Shopped

4 Meals Planned

I hate doing dishes. I love having a clean sink and silverware to use though, so I’ve been doing them little by little.

But gods did the sink need a good scrubbing.

I’m in a lot of pain today. Might need to up my Lyrica again when I have insurance in June? I’m not sure.

I know I need to find new mind mints. The mix I’m on is failing and I’m just constantly depressed. At least I’m not manic, I guess? But passively wanting to die sucks, too.

I need to take my meds and head to bed.

I hope others out there are having a better brain day than me.

Take your meds, folks.

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