Of Licorice and Liking

13,648 Days Alive

1,154 Days Straight on Duolingo

9 Days Straight on NaNoWriMo

1 More Sleep Till I See Mellon!

I met a super sweet coworker today. She’s fifteen years old. Her name is Licorice and she is my boss’ cat. One of the most vocal felines I’ve ever met in my life!

I got to work at our original location today for work. I’ll be going back to the secondary/warehouse location tomorrow. Did a lot and nothing all at once. A lot of phone tag, customer inquiries, and sweeping. Heh.

I re-purpled my hair for my trip to Indiana. And did my brows. I’m so excited for tomorrow.

I’m also nervous, though. Our relationship has been slowly growing, despite the physical distance, since we started talking in August. Three months and we’re still rocking the new relationship energy. I’m nervous-excited about bringing him home for Thanksgiving. But that’s more just happy/nervous that I usually get being around the Papas.

Mentally, I’m okay. Struggling with anxiety. Had my psych appointment this afternoon. Since I had an allergic reaction to the one new med, we’re going to try upping my pregabalin to 100 mg from 75 for mood stabilization.

I stopped taking my adderall. And caffeine pills, for the most part. I’m getting better sleep now that I’m eating smaller meals in the evenings. With a retail job, now, it’s easier to focus on one or two or three tasks at a time rather than the half dozen or more I was as a legal assistant.

Car is still in the shop, so I’ll have to take the train to Mellon’s tomorrow. I’m going from work to Millenium Station, from there to South Bend, and then to Mellon’s little town.

It’s late. I should try to get some sleep.

Take your meds, folks!

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