Of Toothaches and Totally Packed

17,562 Words Written for NaNoWriMo

13,647 Days Alive

8 Days Straight in NaNoWriMo

2 More Sleeps Till I See Mellon

I’m in so much pain. I have a cracked tooth I can’t afford to get extracted right now. It’s bothering me and I am miserable.

I’ve taken some pain meds, iced my cheek, and am sleeping elevated. It’s bearable now, but earlier was wretched. If it gets worse, I’ll go to a walk-in for some antibiotics or something this weekend while I’m in Indiana.

I made herbed chicken for dinner today. Was pretty good.

I talked to my boss today, because anxiety, and the awesome dude that he is: I’m going to get to leave a half hour early to catch my train to go see Mellon on Thursday.

Bianco will be taking care of Spock while I’m gone. Food and water and such. I’m all packed already, meds included, except for a crochet project. Maybe I’ll bring J’s Wrap and work on that? Or Mellon’s Mystery Machine Mosaic Blanket.

Anyway, I need sleep. Wish me luck, y’all. And happy full moon!

Take your meds, folks!

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