Of Orientation and Oranges

13,703 Days Alive

4 Bahn Mi-Inspired Tacos Eaten

1 Successfully Completed Orentation

My new job is going to be a lot; but I genuinely believe I’m going to do well at it.

Or at least I hope I do. Anxiety is a bitch. I nearly had a panic attack while making dinner because I was cooking in chaos and an unfamiliar kitchen. It sucked. Mellon helped though. Helped me calm down a bit, reassured me I wasn’t messing up.

I’m just a tangled mess of anxiety. I really need to find a good therapist as soon as my insurance kicks in on February 1st. I’m going to try and find a primary care physician before I have insurance to help me get my meds refilled and all that.

I have to be at work stupid early tomorrow. As in 6am. At a location that is not my home store, but instead four times as far away. Granted, that’s only twenty minutes, but still. That means almost an hour of my day is gone in commute. Oh well. At least I’ll be training with someone. M

y home store had these massive California oranges that looked so good, I nearly bought some.

I’m going to head to bed. Early rise and all that.

Take your meds, folks.

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