Of Pizza and Puzzlement

13,723 Days Alive

1.5 Repeats Done on the Buffalo Plaid Blanket

I am trying to puzzle out what to do for the border of the Buffalo Plaid Blanket for my godfather.

I could do the back loop only half double crochet ribbed border that the pattern calls for. It’s Daisy Farm Crafts’s pattern. Or I could make my own border? But I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do. I’m not quite done with the body of the blanket, so it can be a problem for later-Theo rather than right now me.

We went grocery shopping this evening. I picked up some salted caramel brownie mix at Mellon’s request. I’ll make it for him probably later this week.

We picked up a cheese pizza for dinner tonight. No one really felt like cooking-cooking this evening.

I haven’t read anything yet today. Might crawl into bed with my copy of The Unquiet Dead before bed. I’ve got to be up early because I open. Five a.m. kind of sucks, but at least my day is over at one p.m.

I’m a little out of sorts, physically. I’ve been on my cycle for twenty days, now, and I’ve started getting constantly cold, tired, and a few other symptoms that typically point towards my iron being low. My new health insurance doesn’t kick in until February first, but I have to find a doctor that is local and accepting new patients.

Mentally… I’ve got some drama-mongering going on and I’m just trying to boot-scoot and sidestep it entirely. Just don’t have the capacity or spoons to deal with other people’s problems right now.

I need to find a new therapist, a new primary care physician, and a new psych provider for my maintenance medications.

Whoop; there goes the oven timer. Pizza time!

Take your meds, folks.

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