Of Stamps and Santa Bellies

13,695 Days Alive

1,200 Days Straight on Duolingo

400 Postcards Stamped

Worked at the original location for my job today; it’s maybe, being generous, a quarter of the size of the location I usually work at.

Eight hour shift, no time for a break, most of the day on my feet. My left hip/butt cheek is hurting from standing as I usually do, which is contrapposto. I’ll stretch out before work tomorrow. Yoga and such is good for me when I’m having bad days.

Not that today was a bad day. Just a hurry up and be slow day? Like, we had literally one customer today. Ugh. I had a lot of busy work, especially since a pipe froze and burst in my boss’s office sometime after Christmas morning. Yikes on bikes was there a lot of clean up.

Played RuneScape with Mellon once I ate something and got settled. Couldn’t put too much brain into it with how tired I am. I’m not even physically tired. I’m mentally tired. This is seriously the worst time for a mania upswing. I’ve barely slept more than six hours in the last forty eight hours. Oy.

I still have my Minded app, so I could reach out to my psych prescriber for help, but it feels like an expensive choice to make.

Anyway. Speaking of mania, I downloaded 25 new free ebooks because of a newsletter I read. So. Many. Books. I can’t wait to use my Always Fully Booked planner by Little Inklings in 2023.

I’m for bed. Take your meds, folks.

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