Of Snow and Sesame Chicken

13,691 Days Alive

-4 Degrees Fahrenheit With Wind Chill

I left work an hour early today because I was worries about getting stuck without transportation if the bus stopped running.

It was bitterly cold after work. And I stood in the weather for nearly half an hour waiting for the stupid bus. I need gloves, honestly. Good ones. My hands hurt for over half an hour when I got in. It was terrible. I have literal dollar store gloves right now.

I want food. But there’s talk of rolling blackouts from the winter storm. It’s a little scary. I am woefully under-prepared for a power outage.

I had my psych doctor appointment today. Just standard refills of my existing regimen of pills. I’ll need to establish care with a PCP and a psych when I move to Indiana.

Anyway, I’m cold and tired and want to snuggle Mr. Spock while he lets me.

Take your meds, folks.

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