Of Cold Fronts and Costly Moments

13,690 Days Alive

3 Days of Freezing Weather Coming

2 Rows Crocheted on Chelé’s Shawl

1 Train to Bus to Train to Subway Train Ride Home

I nearly fell off the train today. Lol. Someone grabbed my arm and tried to balance on me mid-step. I caught myself but wrenched my shoulder a bit. I’m otherwise fine.

I’m going home, such as it is now. It seems the metaphorical snow rolling downhill has become an avalanche of unexpected speed.

I’ll be moving in with Mellon. Not in March, but basically in the new year. 01/02/2023 is the move date we’re hoping for. Uncle Comic was kind enough to volunteer use of one of his vans to help me move. But this arctic system that’s coming down has me worried. I don’t want to drive in icy conditions. I’m terrified, even with my costly “all season” tires.

I’m also in desperate need of financial help. I have my meds, for now, but have to get everything changed over for when I get to have health insurance when I start my new job. Everything is so expensive in Chicago. Even Metformin. It’s one of the main reasons I’m moving; that and full-time work is what I need to be able to survive.

I cannot sustain myself on the kindness of others for forever. I hope this new job, and it’s full-time hours, are a good fit and help me pay down my debt.

I’m so stressed. Mellon doesn’t understand my anxiety, but they do their best to be supportive when my brain is being dumb and overly anxious. Mellon even has anxiety; but his is under control with medication. Mine is vaguely managed with medication.

Anyway, I’m on the train towards Chicago, then taking the El home. Still waiting to hear from boss man at my current job if we’re open tomorrow.

Happy longest night, my pagan friends. Happy Yule and merriest of days to my Jewish friends still celebrating Hanukkah.

Take your meds, folks.

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