Of Wings and Winging It

13,689 Days Alive

10 Boneless Hot Wings Eaten

3+ Rows Done on Chelé’s Shawl

1 Background Check Submitted to The Grocery

Well. It looks like things are changing much faster than originally anticipated. Like, much, much faster.

To shorten a long story: it looks like I’ll be moving out and starting work in Indiana just after the new year. I got a job as a lead in a grocery store and I’m so excited to be joining their team. The Grocery is just five minutes from door to door of Mellon’s place. And I’ll have healthcare fairly immediately.

I’m hoping 2023 is a year of gentle growth for me. I’m going to be trying to find a new therapist to help me with my anxiety. I was so anxious today, I was certain I was irritating Mellon with my inability to sit still.

Finally, I just put on music and sat down with my crocheting to get some of the anxious energy out of my body. It worked.

I think what triggered it was the thought of letting my current boss down by quitting. Even if the whole reason I’m leaving is the lack of hours, I feel badly about it. I have to prioritize my own security and success, though, and can’t stay where I’m not flourishing.

I’ll be bringing dear Mr. Spock with me, of course, when I move. It’ll be interesting to see how he settles in to a new environment.

Anyway, dinner should be to the table momentarily. I’m going to go eat and spend more time with Mellon before I head back to Chicago tomorrow evening.

Take your meds, folks.

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