Gifts Galore and a Rant

12,768 Days Alive

3 Early Birthday Gifts Received

It’s my birthday month! My friend DW, he of the infamous blanket I finally finished, and my middle brother Sean Michael surprised me with some early birthday gifts!

DW got me a book from my Amazon wishlist and an awesome owl journal!

Sean Michael got me an awesome set of Pilot’s disposable fountain pens!

“Sphinx of black quartz judge my vow” is so much better than the other sentence people use.

I bought myself a new screen protector for my phone because I cracked my current one somehow. I’m talented, what can I say?

Work went well! I hit my goal for the week and got everything done I needed to. I hope to do even better next week.

I’m still working on Cousin Kay’s blanket in my downtime. And trying to work up the gumption to start the CPTSD workbook I have, thanks to DW.

On a heavier note, it’s been four years since the Pulse massacre. I’m still angry that 49 people died in the name of hate. I’m still angry that America gets things so wrong. I’m angry at the current administration for all its absolute failures of basic decency. I’m just fucking angry and sick and tired of all the killing.

All I can do is strive to be better, strive to do better. Help where I can, be silent to let others speak because it is not always “our” time to be heard.

If it needs to be said explicitly, Black Lives Matter and fuck anyone who responds with “All Lives Matter”.

I haven’t gone to a protest yet. I’m worried about the possible exposure to illness or police violence. But I will. We can’t let this die down. We can’t just accept these murders as another thing that happens here.

I’m… let’s go with sleepy. Today was exhaustingly busy. I’m going to bed.

Gotta be up early-ish to go see Chelé tomorrow! That’s something I can look forward to!

Take your meds, folks.

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