Quills, Pills, and Cat Hair: Life as a Witch

Days alive: 12,156

Phone calls made at work: 51

Times I’ve had to fight the cat off the blanket I’m crocheting: 3

Times I’ve shared my post for witches: 4

Amount of terror I’m feeling: A LOT.

I did this to myself. I was like “let me write out a book of shadows or something for Mimi. She’ll like it, it’ll be quick and easy!”

Narrator: “Spoilers: it isn’t.”

I now have 12 pages of an outline, two more pages of interview questions, and the title of this current non fiction work in progress is still a mystery!

Twelve pages plus of outline. And that’s not even RESEARCH. Ugh. What did I get myself into? Something I’ll likely love, to be honest.

What is personal space when Ariadne is around?

Wasn’t kidding on the cat hair. At least it’s a blanket for my Darling Wife. She won’t mind.

I’m gonna take my meds, go crochet some more for a bit before bed.

The boys are just chilling over by the food.

Peanut on the left, Spock on the right.

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