Thanksgiving 2018

Days Alive: 12,200

Today was the first holiday, the first Thanksgiving since my grandfather passed away.

It was a bittersweet but lovely day.

First off, I went to breakfast with my father-in-law, brother-in-law, and Darling Wife.

David even played with Spock while we were waiting to leave:

So off to Village Inn we went!

We took some of the candies bacon bites to our favorite server, Danielle, as a sort of “sorry you’re stuck here on a holiday” gift.

Then, after a three stop adventure to try and track down a gorram bag of ice, off to my uncle’s, candied bacon and two tubs of hummus in tow.

I spent a lot of the day conversing, while crocheting, with my family.

Dear Bubble is just starting to show with little Hazelnut. She’s due in February and I think she’s the first great grand child?

The grandmas were being adorable together.

And I got to see cousins I haven’t seen in years!

And, of course, I stole a photo with my brother. It’s tradition!

Steph and I got to meet a newer furry family member! Taffy the Chinchilla! He was a curious little cloud of cuteness.

I never want one, but hot damn was he adorable. And like twenty times bigger than I thought he would be. For some reason, I though sugar gliders and chinchillas were of a size to each other. NOPE.

So. Many things this holiday. I need a nap. Or a good cry. But that could just be menstrual hormones being an ass.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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