Margaritas, Messages, and Meowing

Days Alive: 12,201

Crappy “cherry jolly rancher” margaritas consumed: 1 and 1/2

Words Written: 1,901

Meals Eaten: 1

Cats Snuggled: 3

I’m having a really bad pain day. Since I’m still getting run over by my damn menstrual cycle, I’ve spent half the day curled up around a heating pad.

But I got my first paycheck from the new adventure! So 90% of my holiday shopping is now complete. And I got to treat my Darling Wife to lunch!

And save her from the last half of a three drink margarita that was made with what tasted like straight vodka with a touch of grenadine. Blech.

I’m going to try and get Steph to run to Walgreens to get me some ginger ale and/or chocolate. And then try and get more writing done.

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