Afternoon Adventure

Days Alive: 12,209

Bowls of Hummus Decimated: 2

Oh my gods. Today was awesome.

We went to see Amy for our massages. I feel so much better after an hour of being squished.

And Ollie-Cat was super friendly! She let me pet her, which she doesn’t usually.

After squishing, we went to Mays Alreem, a friend’s mother’s restaurant.

So. Good.

We decimated two bowls of hummus.

The lamb gyros Amy and I got were fantastic. And Steph got the falafel pita. Mmmmm.

She also tried a rose milk tea they had there. It has coconut in it and was amazing.

Decimated. Lol.

We will certainly be back.

After that, I was exhausted, so I took a nap. Steph went out with her Aunt Jackie, Myrna, and Nan to Sweet Tomatoes for Nan’s birthday dinner. I stayed home and crocheted.

Ended up having a long conversation with Aunt Jackie and Myrna about anything and everything. A real cabbages and kings sort of convo. And then talking about Myrna’s UFO sightings out in Lakeland. Which was very odd. I think she’s a sensitive, honestly. And that Lakeland might have something hinky going on.

This weekend was lovely. I’m rather well rested, which is nice, and tomorrow we’ll be grabbing sushi at Kelp with Andrea!

Yay for Sunday sushi!

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