Sleepy Sunday, Sushi, and Some Gelt!

Days Alive: 12,210

Day of Hanukkah: 1st

Sushi Rolls Eaten: 3

Times We Made Andrea Laugh Until She Turned Purple: 4

Caffeinated Soap Nipples Discussed: 2

Day Streak on Duolingo, Spanish: 12

Happy first night of Hanukkah! I’m exhausted, so a quick entry here.

I spent my morning crocheting with cat help.

It was productive, if a bit frustrating at times.

We did end up going to sushi with Andrea today! That was great as both my Darling Wife and I were greatly looking forward to it.

I love the starters, especially at happy hour! I got my go-to miso soup and gyoza.

Sushi selfie!

I got three rolls this time: spicy chicken, panko bagel, and veggie explosion!

And we even got dessert this time. Mmmm. Fried ice cream. The server, Tanner, even remembered my berry allergy from last time! What a doll!

So good.

Afternoon was chill. I took a much needed nap. My energy was so low, despite the sleep I got last night.

I’m having a hard time with brain gremlins, so I’m trying to stay positive. It’s Hanukkah! Andrea gifted me and Steph a pair of AWESOME Potter themed Tervis tumblers and a super soft blanket.

Happy first night of Hanukkah!

Gonna go try and sleep now. G’night!

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