Home Again

Days Alive: 12,224

Miles Traveled Today: at last 977 miles

Steps Today: 4,000

Streak on Duolingo: 26 days

I am home again. And heading to bed.

Quick recap of my day:

Repack so my suitcase was lighter. Poppins style my purse to get through TSA.

Get to the airport. Spend half an hour in security line and get goosed by a TSA lady because they showed my lady bits as needing extra inspection. Whatever. I was kind and patient because the alternative is to be a jerk about someone doing their job.

Made it to the gate.

Flight from Austin to Houston was much smoother this time.

Power walked from gate to gate because Houston’s airport is massive.

Grabbed a snack bar and a drink to take some headache medication because my head was killing me.

Got to the gate and made a new friend!

I don’t remember the bird’s name, but the gal was a recent graduate whose parents own a jewelry store. She flew business class. That is something I’d like to do sometime.

I also came across a relic I didn’t know still existed!

The flight from Houston to Tampa was turbulent to the point of the flight attendant getting to play catch the drink cart for a second. But it was pretty:

Both my Darling Wife and the cats seemed happy to see me again.

And, in minor accomplishments:

I’m exhausted and want to catch some sleep now.

Hopefully tomorrow will be easier.

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