Days Alive: 12,223

My flight is tomorrow. I’m exhausted. I don’t have much energy to type much.

Garage sale today. Got to see some friends. Spent six hours freezing my buns off in the garage, but had fun with Tink. Been crocheting to keep my mind off things.

Still alive. Coping.

Sorting Through

Days Alive: 12,221

Rooms Cleared: 1

Old Belongings Found: a bunch

Days Left in Austin: 2.5

Nails Chipped: 7 lol

Streak on Duolingo: 23 days

Loads of Laundry Done: 2

My body is currently in protest for all the damn things Tink and I accomplished today. And I nearly broke down crying in the bookstore because that was the first time I have gone to a Half Priced Books store without my father or without calling him to check for which books he was hunting for.

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