In Transit and Transition

Days Alive: 12,219

Planes to Catch: 2

Days in Austin: 6

Days Since Daddy Died: 7

I’m about to board and have no idea if there will be any flight delays, so I’m doing a quick entry now.

The flight to Austin has a stop in Houston, so I won’t be back on the ground for good until at least 10:30pm Central Time.

I caught a ride via my friend DT. They were very kind to take a break out of their workday to assist.

I’ve been crocheting while I wait.

Pardon the glare of the sunset.

The looks I’ve been getting have been hilarious. Could be because of the buzzed head and makeup?

Ten minutes to boarding. I’m going to hit the head once more before we take off, just in case. I’d rather fight with a damned toilet stall than an airplane bathroom any day.

Mercury, may my journey be swift and safe. Even for the shmuck in the MAGA hat.

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