Dream, Down, Delightful Downpours, and Dear Friends

12,303 Days Alive

6,619 Books to Read

14 Days Till My Psych Appointment

13 Weeks Since Daddy Died

12 Books Read So Far This Year

6 Days Since I’ve Touched a Book

1 Gifted Pizza

I need to get back into the swing of reading. I’m kind of completely lacking as of late. Just haven’t… even in the midst of mania can’t be bothered.

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Curry, Chinese, and Chuckling

Days Alive: 12,184

Word Count for NaNoWriMo: 13,765

Words Left to Write: 36,235

Crochet Projects Left at Home: 1

New Things Learned: SO MANY

Phone Calls Answered: 12

Meals with Loved Ones: 2

I will make this brief as I am utterly exhausted. I’m still having trouble sleeping. Between body pain, insomnia, the unexpectedly large amount of walking I do at the new adventure, and various cats singing the song of their people at all hours of the night, I am beyond kaput.

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Clingy Headaches, Car Wash, Change, and Cat-Riddled Crochet

Days alive: 12,170

Crochet projects worked on: 1

Car washes gone through: 1

Shadow headache/secondary migraine: 1

Lotto tickets bought: 0 because I forgot, but my Darling Wife bought one.

Days until NaNoWriMo: 8 days and counting!

I woke up at four am again, got up at five thirty to take a shower before my appointment at one pm today. I hate difficult appointments, but this one went better than I thought it may have. Still didn’t get enough sleep. Continue reading “Clingy Headaches, Car Wash, Change, and Cat-Riddled Crochet”

Orchids and Overly-productive

Days alive: 12,155

Words written: 2,045

Bright gold jacket bought: 1

Hours lipstick has stayed: 11 and counting

The orchids in the backyard is blooming something fierce. They’re a lovely color I am pretty sure my hair has been at some point.

It’s pretty. I need pretty things in my life right now. I’m feeling quite awful mentally. As to why I’m not quite sure.

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Day One.

Days Alive: 12,142.

Pain Number: 4

Hours Slept: 4

Number of unnecessary notebooks purchased today: 1

Chicken nuggets eaten: 19 (I dropped one.)

Days Since Diagnosis: 0

I’m not doing great today. I’m not cheerful. I’m not well rested or ecstatic to be alive.

I got a diagnosis today that I hate. Not cancer. I guess I can be glad about that. And it’s likely the answer to the issues I’ve been having since I have been old enough to know I’ve had problems. Finally having a name possible name for the jabberwocky on my back is an interesting sensation.

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