Curry, Chinese, and Chuckling

Days Alive: 12,184

Word Count for NaNoWriMo: 13,765

Words Left to Write: 36,235

Crochet Projects Left at Home: 1

New Things Learned: SO MANY

Phone Calls Answered: 12

Meals with Loved Ones: 2

I will make this brief as I am utterly exhausted. I’m still having trouble sleeping. Between body pain, insomnia, the unexpectedly large amount of walking I do at the new adventure, and various cats singing the song of their people at all hours of the night, I am beyond kaput.

I was treated to lunch today by a dear friend. We took a quick trip to the amazing Thai Food Truck (that will be back December 4th before they’re gone for a month visiting family, friends, and various places in Thailand). We are friendly with the man who takes the orders, and his wife who does most of the cooking with her, I believe, sister in the truck itself. I got Thai Hot Chicken Panang Curry, one of my favorite red curries. My friend got regular mild, and it was still a little spicy. Mine certainly cleared out my sinuses!

So many carrots. Ugh. But every bite was superb.

I only got a hundred words or so done on NaNoWriMo today, but tomorrow will be better as I’m bringing my tiny laptop with me to work on it before I clock on.

I should also remember my crocheting, as I forgot it at home this morning.

I love my new coworkers. Belle and I worked up front all day today, and will half of the day tomorrow and she is just a hoot. She really is. I’ll be sad when she retires sometime next year. But in the meanwhile I have someone excellent to learn from between her, Sera, and Miriam. I work with a great crew. I look forward to expanding along with the campus next year.

And, of course, working within hug proximity to J when life kicks up a family member being hospitalized for emergency surgery or some such is quite lovely.

My Darling Wife treated me to some delicious Chinese food tonight for dinner. ❤️ I got Sesame Chicken, which is a switch from my norm. One spicy meal a day, though.

What I’m craving is nachos from Denny’s. Or making homemade adult nachos. Mmmm… Can’t make them this weekend, as we have some awesome plans coming up. More on that later, though.

I’m for bed. Catch y’all in daylight.

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