Adventures, Asthma, and An Almost Auto Accident

Days Alive: 12,183

Cups of Tea Had: 1

Tea Bags Shared with New Coworkers: 3

Asthma Attacks: 1, on the way home

Auto Accidents Avoided: 2

Tacos Consumed: 1

Total Word Count for NaNoWriMo: 13,676

Words Remaining: 36,324

I am so sleep deprived. I’ve been up since two am today. Getting through without caffeine has been interesting.

Oh! And I nearly got into a head on collision when someone decided the light wasn’t red enough and they ran it. I jerked my car into the bike lane/right turn lane and managed not to hit anyone. But, the sudden stop and resulting constriction of the seat belt, as well as the anxiety of it, triggered a mild asthma attack. But I’m home now, had my inhaler on me, and I’m fine. No one was hurt, other than my chest a bit. And no one else hit me during my evasive maneuvers.

That all took place on the way home. The rest of the day was fine!

I started my new adventure today! Hoo-boy is there a whole lot of information to pack into my brain. I have to get used to answering the phone for a different place now. But my trainers and new boss are amazing. Everyone is so darn helpful at my new job. And honest; like, they don’t do the false affectations of liking someone, they’re just polite but distant with rude coworkers. It’s beautiful.

Oh! Today I got to try Republic of Tea’s new Nutcracker Ginger Plum tea that Chele gifted me. It was good, though needed a touch of Splenda. It pretty much looks like this when brewed:

Now, I don’t have a cup and saucer set that magical looking, so obviously not mine. And I limited myself to a single cup of tea today, since I was breaking in the new workplace. Don’t want to be the crazy tea lady just yet!

I adore my Cheshire Mug

And due to a fortuitous day, I got a bit of lunch on the house! Everyone was delightfully kind to me today. But man, do I work with a bunch of sassy firecrackers! Belle is an older lady, and just a hoot and a half. Sera is this quirky gal who looks like a gorram Disney Princess brought to life! She used to be an animal trainer. And my boss, Miriam, is just a full on sass master 9,000. A real pistol of a lady, but sweet as banana pudding.

I really wish the whole financial situation was a little less mind warping levels of stressful for me. Being without a paycheck for three to four weeks is hell. But at least I was able to get my student loans temporarily deferred until May. It gives me time to pay down the interest when I can and try to build up some savings.

I’m looking forward to the next day of the adventure tomorrow. Let’s hope that tomorrow is a little calmer.

I’m off to crochet. I got enough words on lunch I’m good to yarn away the rest of the evening.

Apparently, I am still not permitted to run without feline assistance.

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