Terribly Tired Tuesday

12,254 Days Alive

5,702 Books to Read

3 Loads of Laundry Done

2 Hours Slept

1 Very Grumpy Me

Question of the day: what do you use to help you get through the day after a rotten night’s sleep?

I’m exhausted to the point of pain. But I am also accomplished.

Amid more unpacking this evening, my Darling Wife and I have realized that we do indeed have a need for more bookshelves. So many books!

I need a small writing desk for the closet we are turning into my writing space. I may also need a small bookshelf or some such to hold things.

I still need to put away my clothes, but I will tackle that project tomorrow evening or perhaps Thursday. Depends on if Nan wants to do pie night at Village Inn this week or not.

I’m still behind on reading, but all will be fine. I’ll get some reading done over my long weekend! I work Saturday morning. And then I’m off until Wednesday morning. I’ll miss my coworkers, of course. Dear Miriam, Belle, and Sara. But it will actually be writing time for me. And maybe moving time, as Tink should be coming in about then.

I also have a doctor’s appointment that Tuesday. Not thrilled, but it is right here by the house. So that is something.

There will be some new content coming up here shortly: recipes! Both new and old ones on the 15th of every month.

If you have any recipes you’d like me to try, let me know. I’m happy to experiment and try new things.

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