Orchids and Overly-productive

Days alive: 12,155

Words written: 2,045

Bright gold jacket bought: 1

Hours lipstick has stayed: 11 and counting

The orchids in the backyard is blooming something fierce. They’re a lovely color I am pretty sure my hair has been at some point.

It’s pretty. I need pretty things in my life right now. I’m feeling quite awful mentally. As to why I’m not quite sure.

In an effort to not get mired in the mental swamp of sadness, I asked J for help with a thrifting outing and dinner. We’re going to Moe’s because $6 burritos are amazing when I’m broke.

I’m terrified about Wednesday honestly. Both therapy and the follow up with Dr. B. Anxiety is fucking suffocating.

So I’ve been trying to focus elsewhere. Art, writing, crocheting.

I have a project for NaNoWriMo this year already mostly outlined. And that was all accomplished today. Twelve pages of outline hammered out on breaks and lunch with J helping by proxy and with commentary. Twelve pages. Of just basic items I want to cover and the bare expansion on the ideas so far. I want to write witchy book that takes queer identification, disabilities, base or origin faiths, physical and mental capabilities, and socioeconomic alignments into consideration with how magic is practiced.

I’m going to go have a burrito with J and try to chill a bit. All will be well, I hope.

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