Sleep, Soap, and Sunburn

Days alive: 12,154

MegaLoad washers in use: 2

Cost for one basket of laundry: $6.25

Cost for one box of soap: $0.75

Hours slept: 6.5 hours

Full hampers of laundry to be done: 3

Hey, look at that. There is post on Sundays!

Obviously not mine. But a good gif.

I’ve slept, but my anxiety is through the roof so far today. I don’t seem to be able to do anything right. And Steph is somehow more sunburnt than I am so I can’t be affectionate at all without bothering her.

I feel like a colossal inconvenience in general right now.

An error in communication between Steph and I had her snapping at me in the middle of a laundromat. We’re still here, watching clothes spin in the washer and dryers; I hope they’ll be done quickly as I want to go through and reorganize my closet today. Yay laundry day.

Snapped a quick pic at the laundry mat.
Your friendly neighborhood coin laundry.

Maybe I’m too anxious to be tired today. Or maybe the anxiety is masking the tired. I guess I feel all right, beyond the mental screaming of DOOM that my brain seems to be doing.

I have things I want to accomplish today:

Going to get food; as in hopefully buying my wife lunch.

Going shopping,

Buying a goddamned pillow,

Reorganizing my closet,

Condensing all the fandom stuff,

Packaging everything for work up to being in to my friends,

Maybe watch a movie,

And work on my BoS as part of a thing I’m making for a friend, Mimi.

I also have to/want to light a candle for my friend Andrea for the troubles that have come to her door.

I know I have support. I just feel like a failure of a human being today. It’ll get better; I just hope it gets better today.

Here, have something that made me smile earlier:

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