First of Spooktober 2019!

12,513 Days Alive

It’s the first of Spooktober! A time of year to be crafty, witchy, and get ready for the changing seasons… we’ll, so much as they change in Florida.

I finished the heart of a nightmare snare tonight.

I’m letting it wet block over night with some help from my iron as well to get it to be just right! Tomorrow it goes on the hoop and then gets its flower crown and ribbons! I’m so excited!

I also put away almost every piece of laundry I own and swapped out my summer skirts for my fall skirts and sweaters. I’m such an Autumn when it comes to clothes!

I’ve got to medicate and meditate. I feel like I might be having a manic spell.

At least I’m productive and finishing things!

Take your meds, folks.

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