Flash Fiction February!

I want to write more. And I want my fellow creatives to write more, too!

Violets are the flower of February.


Would you like to write more but don’t quite know where to start? Are you anything like me when it comes to writing? By that, I mean is crossing that finishing line of “totally done writing this story” is about as likely as winning the state lottery without buying a ticket? Do you wish you could write more but have a tendency to try writing a glorious, massive magnum opus rather than smaller projects? Are you bored and need a self-driven time-killer?

I have a challenge for you! (And me, to be honest!) It’s Flash Fiction February!

I have not been able to locate an exact word count on what constitutes as proper flash fiction beyond an approximate 1,000 words. However, the limits to #FlashFictionFebruary2019 are a little different.

Here’s the challenge:

  • Two possible formats! Either:
    • Twenty-eight stories in twenty-eight days OR
    • Fourteen stories in twenty-eight days


  • Write every day of the month of February
  • Each story is between 280 and 5,600 words
  • Pick four genres and write stories in one particular genre each week
  • As you’re going through February, post on social media! Include:
    • Your daily story title
    • Your completed story word count
    • Your chosen genre for each story
    • Tag it with #FlashFictionFebruary2019


Post on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever social media or blogging site you prefer! You’re welcome to post whatever stories you write wherever you like or keep it to yourself.

This challenge is meant to be much like the written equivalent of #Inktober or akin to gesture drawing while in art school. simply an exercise in writing every day.

My friend J originally proposed the idea back in December 2018. When she was in art school, there was a lot of practice being done. Some of it was multiple gesture drawings to work out kinks in one’s chosen medium. There were also timed practices to work quickly and without hesitation. I do something similar every time I participate in NaNoWriMo. And, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. In an ideal world, one would write every single day so as to get into the habit of creating on a regular basis.

I’m going to likely use a simple post format for my updates for this since Postmark Wonderland is linked both to my Twitter and my Facebook.

Are you game? Tell me all about it!


I have made a bunch of little identifiers for each day. They’re all different types of violets or different shades of a violet flower. I’ve picked the violet since it is the flower for the month of February. Please feel free to use them!

Friday’s Violet for #FlashFictionFebruary
Saturday’s Violet for #FlashFictionFebruary
Sunday’s Violet for #FlashFictionFebruary
Monday’s Violet for #FlashFictionFebruary
Tuesday’s Violet for #FlashFictionFebruary
Wednesday’s Violet for #FlashFictionFebruary
Thursday’s Violet for #FlashFictionFebruary

Tackle this challenge! You can do it. I believe in you!

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