Flash Fiction February 2019 Daily Update: February 2nd

Are you taking part in #FlashFictionFebruary2019?

It’s never too late to start. Even one story for the month is one more than you had previously!

Today’s Story Title: Bathtub

Today’s Story Is # 2 of 28

Today’s Genre: Urban Fantasy

Today’s Word Count: 473

What’s your current story? Do you have your two down yet?

Tell me all about it!

“There’s a fucking Mermaid in the bathtub.”

Cynthia continued pouring salt into the teacup, stirring it into the warm water as she nodded.


“A mermaid.” Ella related. “In the bathtub.”

“Yeah, there is,” Cynthia agreed without looking up from the odd concoction. “Would you grab the maple syrup from the fridge please, babe?”


Ella dropped her towel on the side table. She tied her robe shut and sighed.


“Let’s try this again,” Ell said. “Mermaid. In the bathtub. Why, Cyn?” Ella kicked off her house shoes as she walked towards the kitchen.


There was a worrying thunk when one slipper smacked into the tiny end table that held a vase of fading pink roses. Ella grabbed at the vase as it also wobbled, nearly tipping over.


“I didn’t hear you come in,” Cynthia said, pulling a tea bag out of the murky salted water in the tumbler before her. “I was going to tell you about it.” The tea bag got tossed on the counter next to the half-empty salt container.

“Try telling me now?” Ella put her hands to her hips as she stood at the doorway of their small kitchen. “Why is there a mermaid in our bathtub?” she demanded for a second time.

“Because she wasn’t comfortable in the shower, Ella,” Cynthia said, turning her face towards Ella’s for a kiss hello.

“That…” Ella paused to press her lips to Cynthia’s cheek and smirked when there was a lipstick print left behind. “Okay, that makes sense.”

“Of course, it does!” Cynthia grinned at Ella as she passed over the maple syrup. “Thanks.”

“So. Salt, water, maple syrup?” Ella asked, “What does it have to do with the mermaid in our bathtub?”

“Her name is Helia and she’s pregnant and she wanted something sweet.”


Cynthia’s tongue peeked out from between her lips as she squeezed some of the syrup into the insulated tumbler until it nearly overflowed.


“And it is salt, a few shots of fish sauce, a bag of peppermint tea, and maple syrup,” Cynthia said.

“Okay…ew.” Ella took the syrup back and put it on the counter behind her. “So how did Helia, the pregnant mermaid who apparently wants the world’s weirdest virgin cocktail, end up in our bathtub?”

Ella moves aside to let Cynthia past.

“Because I found her and she asked for help,” Cynthia said, carrying the now-closed concoction out of the kitchen.


Ella followed Cynthia towards the hallway.


“Cyn, where did you find the pregnant mermaid?” Ella demanded.

“Hiding at the bottom of your mother’s swimming pool,” Cynthia replied. “Helia, it’s me,” she knocked on the half-closed door. “Can I come in?”

There was the sound of water splashing and the warble of a female voice that said ‘yes’ a solid ten seconds before Ella’s mind fully processed what Cynthia said.

“You found her where?!”


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