Waylaid Plans and Warring Worries

12,273 Days Alive

6,440 Ebooks to Read

6 Pieces is Bacon Eaten

1 Migraine Being a Jerk

Both my brain and my brain gremlins are being jerks today.

I know it is partly because of my anemia. I do. I’m bruised like an apple that was used for a kickball. And I’m sore in that bone-achey way that I get when my iron and/or B vitamins are low again. I may have to get some “vitamin outside” again during daylight hours to help with the supplements I take. Or just cave and get a damn sun lamp.

I’d kick someone in the shin for a roast beef sandwich, a tall glass of milk, and a few Lindt truffles right now.

I’m still yo-yoing around 300 pounds and it is starting to irritate me that I can’t be as active as I like because of my damn fall.

I have physical therapy tomorrow and I am absolutely not looking forward to it. But Tink is going with me, so I have that. And then plans after for a little reward.

Writing is going well. Might need to start keeping a proper journal offline as well to better track symptoms I feel and the like. Most of the day, most of this weekend I’ve been crazily vacillating between the extremes of super productive and barely able to summon the energy to breathe.

It’s vexing. There is so much I wish to do and not enough time in which to do it.

Anyway, I’m super depressed and this damn migraine took one look at my prescription meds I took earlier and laughed, burrowed down, and basically said “screw ya, I’m here and I’m not leaving!” So that’s fun.

I’ve got to do one last quick glance over before I post tonight’s short story.

I feel like I’m here, but not. Only really real when someone else touches me, hugs me, speaks to me. Like, I no gravity, no mass save when others help me to exist. It is a very disconcerting sensation.

I need to try to sleep.

Take your meds. Stay hydrated.

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