Boxtopia is Nearly Vanquished!

Well, I didn’t win those ten dollar tickets to Hamilton. Oh well. I was also on time for work and accomplished a lot today.

We nearly reclaimed the living room from the pocket dimension dimension of Boxtopia! It looks awesome so far and I really like the plans we have for the house.

We’re still kind of fighting with getting the kitchen into order, but Tink, Steph, and I will strong-arm all of the various gadgets and gizmos aplenty into order along with the hoozits and whatsits galore.

Sorry, Disney references amuse me.


More writing, more box wrestling, more pain because of my stupid foot.

At least we have fun plans tomorrow, beyond a possible WalMart run.

I need sleep, so, be well; take your meds.

I did manage to finish up the second day of #FlashFictionFebruary!

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