Flash Fiction February 2019 Daily Update: February 17th

Are you taking part in #FlashFictionFebruary2019?

It’s never too late to start. Even one story for the month is one more than you had previously!

Today’s Story Title: Chosen

Today’s Story Is #15 of 28

Today’s Genre: Urban Fantasy

Today’s Word Count: 510

What’s your current story? How many have you achieved? Tell me all about it!

Story below for Eema’s sake. (You’re welcome!)

Anna sneezed herself awake.

Having accidentally drifted off to sleep in the hammock out in the backyard, she was very confused to find herself laying instead across three uncomfortable plastic chairs.

Looking around the room, there was nothing on the walls beyond drab grey paint. The far corner, near the ceiling, had a spot of water damage and the wall itself had a touch of warped bubbling from water creeping slowly under the paint.

‘Someone should fix that,’ she thought, offhand. ‘Water leaks can cause severe damage and lead to higher insurance premiums.’

But this wasn’t a house for sale. This wasn’t anything like work for her.

It was a barren room with no visible door. Blank walls and a total of a dozen chairs shoved in trios against each wall.

Some of the leaves that had fallen from the old oak lay scattered around her. It was where she had dragged the hammock for her outdoor nap some indeterminate time before… whenever this was.

Their red, brown, gold crumbling forms were the only true shot of color in the room. The chairs she roused herself from were a similar drab grey, and still cold. She couldn’t have been lying there long, as they were still cool beneath her hand. The room smelled of the leaves beneath her seat and faintly of the soap of a freshly cleaned public restroom.

She turned one circle, slowly, and when she had made one full rotation, she stopped. Blinked. Pinched the outside of her thigh to see if it could wake herself up from this bizarre and mildly upsetting dream.

Gone now were the chairs. Now, a small, slightly warped looking door painted siren red was swung open. A woman in a flowing white shift was making grand motions as she spoke. Her painted lips opened broadly on a consonant and she threw up her arms with great vigor.

Anna cleared her throat, as loudly as she thought she could, and point with one hand to her ears. Shaking her head no and pointing again, Anna knew the exact moment the gown-wearing woman caught on.

The ethereal woman fished off to the side of the door she still blocked. The clipboard in her hand kind of shook the whole mildly-angelic vibe she had going. Though she still definitely was backlit by some slightly eye-tweaking golden light. And there was the halo. Oh, and wings. Yeah, the wings were certainly a tick in the angelic box.

The stranger scribbled something on the clipboard and flipped it towards Anna.

“Your the Chosen One. Follow me.” The golden scrip literally flashed across the paper as of shining sunlight struck it as she read.

“Wrong word,” Anna said aloud.

She couldn’t hear the sigh the angel-lady gave, but she could certainly see it in the grave of chest and pristine wings. The angel spun around and motioned for Anna to follow.

Anna looked back over her shoulder at the empty room, then followed.

The red door swung shut behind them both and the room was no more.

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