Muddled But Manageable Monday

12,288 Days Alive

6,493 Books to Read

5 PT/OT Appointments Attended

1 New Purse Purchased

Today was a day in which I might have done too much.

The cats, and my aching body, had me wide awake by three am. I managed to avoid waking my Darling Wife this time around.

But awake I was until nearly six. So I am glad I at least caught a cat nap for that last bit of morning. Still, today was exhausting.

Occupational therapy was… fine. The swelling in both of my wrists has decreased significantly. I’m just about back to normal, save when I lift heavy things. She spent most of the session on her phone again. But I guess I don’t need to worry much as Wednesday should be my last session with her.

Physical therapy was more difficult. A bad pain day in which I had to tap out on the bike lead to learning how badly we are at working our bodies correctly. J.S. has been lovely to work with and has helped me significantly. He also agrees I am knock kneed and that I have hyper-mobile joints despite my size. I also have a bizarrely firm grasp on my limitations and a working knowledge of my own actual anatomy.

I’ve learned some useful stretches through PT. And that I really dislike when medical providers won’t stay off their cell phones during patient time with OT. Okay, and I got a nifty stress ball.

But then we went to the post office, where I was unable to keep the passport appointment as the facility was closed. Ugh. Oh well.

And then breakfast. Brunch? Whatever. Tink and I went to Cracker Barrel. Food was okay, company was better.

We hit Southern Hospitality for the beginnings of a spring arrangement.

I quite like the mix of textures.

We also hit a Payless, since they are unfortunately going under. Found some cute shoes for Tink and an alternate purse for me with a cute rose print. Also, I put together Steph’s desk today! And set up her desktop for her so it would be good to go by the time she got home.

Dinner was nice. Some fresh chicken stir fry that the leftovers I’ve packed for lunch tomorrow (along with a serving of angel food cake with sugar free chocolate syrup and whipped topping!).

I’m starting a new shawl based off a pattern I found on Ravelry! If you aren’t a member, it is free and I highly advise yarn friends sign up for it.

I’m in so much pain, though. We hit the grocery store after a quick cat nap. I just think I overdid it.

I’m praying my medications let me sleep tonight. I don’t have the spoons to write a short story, but maybe I’ll catch up before the month is over.

Take your meds and drink some water.

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