Titillating Tuesday

12,268 Days Alive

6,393 Books to Read

7 Marshmallow Eaten

2 Slice of Banana Eaten

1 Moscow Mule Tried and Enjoyed

1 Really Awesome Night with Stephanie and Tink

We went to the Melting Pot for an early Imbolc celebration tonight!

Just Tink, Stephanie, and I.

We had fun!

Work was busy as hell and everything seemed to take at least an hour longer than it should have.

Miriam was in today, thank goodness, and feeling much better. I’m worried for her, but I hope she is fine.

I feel like I’m stuck in fast forward again. Or maybe I just have energy after being downtrodden by my injuries? Perhaps some strange mix of the two? I only know that I am actually looking forward to February this year.

I have a niece due to be born, more than one important birthday to celebrate, and our first household Valentines Day.

Have some pics from tonight, as I’m going to go cuddle my wife and pass the hell out since it is just shy of midnight currently.

Also, no, I’m not okay. But hell if I could put words to what is wrong.

Good night, folks. Take your meds and drink some water, you dehydrated noodles!

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